Give your New Years’ resolution a kick start with Hypnotherapy

Whether 2018 is the year for you to take to the skies for the first time, stop smoking, restart an old hobby or learn a new skill, Hypnotherapy can be very effective in helping you find your strengths and resources to do so!

January is notoriously the time of year for resolutions. We probably all know someone right now who intends to do ‘Dry January’, loose weight, declutter their house or even search for a new job. Most of these resolutions are started with the very best of intentions but unfortunately, sometimes end in failure. This is because the human brain is notoriously resistant to change. It ‘likes’ the status quo, how things have always been and detects difference as an ‘error’. When a new action or behaviour feels unusual or uncomfortable, an area of the brain associated with habit formation and ‘safe behaviours’ responds by giving us a whole heap of seemingly convincing propaganda for not going through with our plan. Gym memberships are one such example. Ask any Gym owner and their busiest sign up period will be January, but by March, attendance rates with have dropped significantly.

But it is good news! Most people find their inner resolve and the dawning of a new year is a positive excuse for kicking a bad habit in to touch.

For those that struggle, their is Hypnotherapy and this can help in a number of ways:

  1. The solution focused sessions explore the underlying reasons for the old, unhelpful behaviour and the benefits of an alternative behaviour. A coaching style is used as a means of helping the client take steps towards their ultimate, positive goal.
  2. Brain chemicals (Neurotransmitters) that increase the chances of success are boosted and those which may hinder and impair are reduced.
  3. The trance state is used as a psychotherapeutic tool for enabling the brain to repeatedly rehearse a new, more beneficial outcome using visualisation, metaphor and positive suggestions that focus on confidence and motivation.


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