An Alternative Approach to Getting Through Life’s Challenges

We all know life can be a rollercoaster for both adults and children. One minute things are going great, the next minute, we’re thrown a curve ball that can set us back. Making us feel unhappy, stressed or worried, and sometimes affecting our physical well-being and our sleep.

It’s no surprise then that more and more people are choosing alternative strategies for overcoming life’s challenges, with Hypnotherapy becoming a popular choice.

Hypnotherapy is a very natural technique, using relaxation, positive suggestion and visualisation. In a very relaxed state, the emotional area of our brain becomes less aroused, allowing the intellectual regions to focus on solutions. The trance state also releases neurotransmitters; chemicals that help us cope better, feel motivated and more positive.

Adults may work with a Hypnotherapist for a number of sessions for a range of issues, from Anxiety, Low Mood, Sleep Problems, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Migraines. Not forgetting reducing obsessive behaviours and overcoming phobias.

Elizabeth Newton of Fresh Leaf Hypnotherapy provides a free initial consultation to all clients and offers condensed Hypnotherapy sessions with children. ‘Children over the age of about six can respond very well to Hypnotherapy. There are no negative side effects. Consequently increasing numbers of parents are seeking out a natural intervention for common issues such sleeping problems, anxiety, self-esteem, bed-wetting (nocturnal enuresis), fears of Doctors and Dentists and nervous habits like nail biting and thumb sucking. It can also be a useful technique in helping children overcome academic exam and performance nerves, including driving tests.

Life is not a dress-rehearsal and we deserve to enjoy it to the full whether we are big or little!

Published in Salad Days Magazine (May/June 2017)

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