Do online/phone sessions work as well as face to face?
Yes, during lockdown I was working exclusively with all clients via online sessions and phone. As long as there is a good internet connection and a comfortable place to relax your end, you can expect the session to be equally effective as a face to face session. Therapy usually starts with a no obligation initial consultation. This is a perfect opportunity for a client to gain confidence online/over the phone before we begin hypnosis in a future session.

What does it feel like to be hypnotized?
Many clients are curious about Hypnosis before they begin sessions. For most, trance will feel like a state of very deep relaxation. For others, it resembles daydreaming. Some people describe their experience as feeling like they have had ‘a lovely massage’. The key point is that people react as differently to trance as they do to other life experiences. The common factor being that all clients refer to Hypnosis as deeply relaxing and pleasant.

Will I lose consciousness?
Generally people do not lose consciousness whilst in a trance state and are fully aware of the smells and sounds around them. People are able to bring themselves out of the trance state should they wish to do so.

Will I lose control and do something I don’t want to do?
No. A Hypnotherapist cannot make you do anything you would not normally do. You still have control, even when in Hypnosis, and can come around at any time.

I don’t want my partner, friends, and colleagues etc. to know I am seeing a Psychotherapist/Hypnotherapist.
Anything discussed during a session or during the initial consultation is completely confidential and your visits to the Practice will not be disclosed. Additionally, all information collected from clients is dealt with in accordance with the Data Protection Act/

I would like to be rid of my debilitating fear of spiders but could not face holding one in my hand. Is this necessary for treatment to work?
No. The Fast Cure for phobias and traumas does not involve any physical contact with the feared stimulus. Instead the client is asked only to use visualisation. After therapy clients will be encouraged to ‘test’ their reactions to their previously feared stimulus outside of the session.

I have trauma from the past which I feel uncomfortable revisiting. Can you still help me?
Yes. The methods I use for working with trauma do not require the client to talk about previous past traumatic events.

What can I do to increase the success of my therapy?
Listening to your therapist and responding as fully and honestly to questions during your session and completing any set ‘homework’ will greatly improve the success of therapy. As will, regular sessions and a commitment to ‘see it through’. Hypnosis is to some degree a learned skill and the more you practice the more successful it will be.

How many sessions will I need?
Session number depends greatly on the nature of the issue and commitment to therapy. As a guide, most people stop smoking after one session, phobias around 4. Anxiety, behaviour change and performance and other more general issues can require many more sessions. Session number will be discussed fully in your Initial Consultation so that you know what to expect.


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