About Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy involves the induction of a very relaxed state of mind to help people overcome a variety of emotional, nervous and psychological problems that affect their daily lives. It can also allow people to realise larger goals- in sport, their professional life or their personal studies.

“I love to loose myself in a book, or to my piano. I feel I have escaped to another world and my worries and concerns have drifted away for a short while”

Perhaps you know that feeling. Or perhaps you lose yourself in a film or daydream whilst driving. These are examples of deep concentration, or focussed thought and are all examples of the waking trance state. A perfectly natural state of consciousness that we inevitably fall in and out of throughout the day.elizabethnewtonfreshleafhypnotherapyconkers

How it Works

During hypnotherapy a trance is created using relaxation and visualisation techniques. In this relaxed but focused state, the subconscious and conscious regions of our brain work in harmony to focus more clearly on a particular goal or area for change. In particular, during a hypnotic trance the mind relaxes and the brains’ focus moves towards the higher cortical areas of the brain where creativity and solution focused thinking occur. This is much more than pure relaxation- the trance which is created is a process very similar to the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) cycle of sleep. The lower regions of our brain, typically associated with anxiety, anger and certain types of less helpful behaviour patterns, can be ‘quietened’ whilst the brains’ resources are directed towards beneficial thoughts and behaviours.

Looking ahead, not to the past

The essence of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is moving ahead in one’s life and helping clients to focus on their future goals and happiness using a range of psychotherapeutic techniques alongside hypnotherapy. Unlike other forms of hypnotherapy and other types of general therapy which include Counselling and Cognitive behavioural therapies (CBT), this modern approach does not look to the past for explanation or detailed analysis. There is no regression and therefore no focus on reliving previous difficult experiences. Many of our clients find this refreshing and reassuring.

All appointments are completely confidential and conducted in a comfortable, safe and non-judgmental environment.


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