Getting Solution Focused- Taking therapy online

During these uncertain times, many of us feel disconnected from ‘normal life’ as a consequence of not doing the things we normally do and not seeing the people we normally connect with for such a protracted period of time. The practical arrangements of working, socialising, shielding, educating and exercising from home, clustered with a small group people (or in isolation) have left many of us feeling lonely, sad and anxious about the future. It is no surprise then, that mental health is in the spotlight by Government Ministers, education leaders, parents and teachers and why many therapists are concerned about the impact of the virus on sleep, addiction and stress-related ill-health.

But, in the darkest of times there can be hope, realisation and rediscovery. It has been a personal pleasure working with clients during lockdown. I have been fortunate enough that my personal circumstances allow me to continue offering sessions via Zoom with new and existing clients. The stories of achievements I hear, of coping and adjusting to a ‘new normal’ have been truly inspiring and as is often the case, I remain in awe of clients. Their resourcefulness, their creativity and their unshakable attitude to make things better. But it doesn’t always start off like that and sessions with me involve redefining needs and expectations then putting in place a manageable future plan – however tenuous that future is. This combination of coaching and goal-setting along with trance, which acts as a catalyst for change, means that clients can and have been, emerging from the Coronavirus pandemic with a very different outlook.

Aside from the obvious advantages of meeting in a virtual way at the moment, online sessions are focused, effective and time-efficient for the clients. So whether you are exploring Hypnotherapy for low mood, agoraphobia, anxiety or sleeping problems, the trancework feels even more comfortable, as it is conducted in your home, on your own familiar bed or sofa . You also get access to your own Hypnosis audio recording to play after the session. Finally, online sessions are currently offered at a reduced price so not only are you saving on fuel, time and risk, you are saving money too. That said, I’m really looking forward to welcoming you back to the Practice, hopefully in the near future.

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