Controlling Panic

Thank you for guiding me and assisting me to learn and understand how to deal with and cope with things that set me off in to panic. The time you have given to me, your support and understanding are things I will not forget. I’m sure there will be other situations where I feel panicked or anxious, but will continue to practise calm and control it with all of what you have taught me; all of which is priceless to me. 

Public Speaking

“Elizabeth has been a brilliant support and worked with me on improving my confidence for my verbal examination. I felt that my problem with speaking in public, mind block and lack of confidence was significantly improved through only a few sessions with her. She was very professional and helpful and provided methods to practice at home. Her assistance allowed me speak confidently and ultimately pass my examination. I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone”.


Fear of Spiders

“After a lifetime of spider fears and a realisation that I was now passing my fears to my son, I finally felt it was time to seek help. I wasn’t sure what to expect from hypnotherapy but I was willing to try if it may help my phobia . Elizabeth’s treatment was tailored to my specific situation, she was instinctive and perceptive and incredibly personable. I felt at complete ease with the process, which I also found very relaxing . After one session I already noticed a difference, being able to walk into my shed at home ( an unthinkable task before hypnotherapy). After a few more sessions I felt an overwhelming sense of calm and bravery with regards to my previous fear . I could calmly remove spiders from my home and not feel terrified that any dark crevice may harbour a creepy crawly.

My initial wish which was to live harmoniously with spiders and other insects. I had no desire to pick them up or pet them however just to be able go about my life without the fear that they may crawl on me or fall on me. I am now able to take a glass or tissue and move them out of my house which has given me a tremendous sense of relief. I recently removed an extremely large house spider from my son’s bedroom whilst he was there. I did it in a calm and fuss free manner which also made him react calmly. He later told me how proud he was that I was no longer afraid of spiders.

If you have any kind of phobia you will understand the terror and unease it can put on you when faced with your fear and how it really can hinder your daily activities. I feel thankful and relieved that I have finally rationalised my fear and it is all due to Elizabeth’s wonderful technique and ability to tune into my own personal needs . Thank you Elizabeth for your help and support. I am so happy that you helped me conquer my fear”.

Blushing & Confidence

“I contacted Elizabeth when I realised some negative behavioural patterns were impacting my day to day life. After the first free consultation I felt different, and even someone at work commented that I appeared different in a difficult meeting. I can safely say that, after several more sessions, I feel like someone has pressed a reset button, and I am back to my confident self. Have since recommended Elizabeth to several friends”.

Trouble Sleeping

“I used to have trouble dropping off to sleep and found myself waking during the night several times. Consequently I was exhausted most of the time which made it difficult for me to concentrate and perform well at work. I  also seemed to be irritable around the kids. I was skeptical about Hypnotherapy at first but sessions with Elizabeth and the relaxation recording she gave me really helped to normalise my sleep. Its now not a problem for me anymore. I can’t thank her enough!”.

Fear of Heights

“I thought I would let you know how my skiing trip went… it was fantastic, I cannot believe how much hypnotherapy has helped me with my fear of heights. My family is amazed and I am very proud of my transformation – I happily got on chairlifts alone, looking out and enjoying the scenery, standing on a mountain 2500 meters high and launching myself down on a pair of skis without a second thought. You were right, I feel totally liberated and I am currently looking to book next years skiing trip. I cannot thank you enough!”

Weight Management

“Over the years I had developed several negative behaviours associated around food and weight that seemed impossible to change. I have been successful in weight loss in the past using “diets” but as the weight kept piling back on it was clear that there was a deeper problem that needed to be addressed. I contacted Elizabeth who was happy to see me and discuss how hypnosis could help me, as I have had no experience in hypnotherapy I was nervous and wasn’t sure what to expect.

On our first meeting Elizabeth spent a long time listening to me explaining my issues without judgement and was sure that she could help me overcome and learn to control my bad habits, there was no need for me to be nervous as I was completely at ease. After several sessions with Elizabeth and completing homework my whole relationship with food has changed and I feel completely in control for once in my life. I can’t thank Elizabeth enough for all her help and support and I would recommend her to anyone”.